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RT-700 Ultimate and RT-106 Ultimate (700mm & 106mm) main and tail
RT-380 & RT-72 (380mm&72mm) main & tail for Goblin 380 now available
RT-106 (106mm) newly designed tail blades
RT-690 (690mm) 3-Blade set is now available for 3-blades head
RT-670 (670mm) 3D Main blades now available
RT-480 (480mm) 3D Main blades are available
RT-360 (362mm) 3D Main blades are available
H-8212 550size Hughes 500D
H-9575C 950mm Main Blades & H-1356 135mm Tail Blades are available
H-1109-L-A Aurora Luminous Tail Blades are available
RT-760 (760mm) 3D Main blades are available
H 5366C-L Luminous Main Blades are now available
Luminous Main Blade H 3266C-L & H 4366C-L
Luminous Tail Blades
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